ON THE MARKS is a stopping point where people come for different purposes such work, travel, and so on.

Everyone wants to visit various places, meet interesting people, and be open to new and fascinating experiences.
If you want to travel like a local, have an exciting time until you are exhausted and fall asleep, or if you want rest before you step out to your new adventure destination, then ON THE MARKS is the place for you.
Here at ON THE MARKS, you can find a comfortable bed where you can rest, enjoy the lively atmosphere at Bar & Dining, and listen to our entertaining music which will make you dream of your new journey.
Here at ON THE MARKS, your new journey starts.

  • On The Marks Capsule Hotel

    Konsep hotel kapsul sedang digemari di Jepang saat ini. On The Marks adalah salah satu hotel kapsul yang menawarkan konsep unik kepada pengunjungnya.

    Official Moeslema Team 10-08-2016